External HD sending box ZH-CS1H

Support?HDMI?and?DVI video signal input. Support external audio input, realized synchronous transmission through the network cable (with the use of multi functions card). Input resolution: maximum 1920*1200 pixels, support any resolution within maximum re
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Video source interface

Interface type


Input resolution

Maximum support 1920*1280 pixels. Support for arbitrary input resolution bellow this resolution.

Adaptive resolution

Can automatically identify the input resolution and automatic matching it, setting is  more simple and convenient.

Video source

frame rate

Standard 60Hz, and can automatically adapt to the frame rate.

Receiving video area

Can arbitrarily set the position of receiving video source.

Gigabit Ethernet port output

Network port number

2 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Net export control area

Each network port controls 1280*512 (or the same area) at 60HZThe two network ports totally have1280*1024 pixel.

Transmission distance

UTP140M; CAT6170M; No limitation for optical fiber line.

Data transmission format

According to the frame format of Gigabit network. And additional with CRC check.

Connection device

Receiving card supported

All receiving card of ZH series, and customized receiving card.

Peripheral equipment supported

Multi function card, optical fiber transceiver, Gigabit switch.

Specifications and parameters

Board size


Input voltage

AC 210~240V wide voltage

Rated power consumption




Man-machine interface

Configuration parameter interface

USB interface configuration

Adjustment of parameters in real time


Auxiliary function

Multi cascade

Support, realizing multi cards cascade using dual USB interface, support synchronous parameters set ,read back etc.

Multi screen settings

Can control multiple displays with different specifications at the same time.

Background play

Support (extended mode)

Audio transmission

Support (required with the use of multi function card).

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